Penfield map of the brain
Penfield map of the brain (1950's)
Information about mind control were first divulgated in the 1970's when MK ultra mind control was exposed and non-consensual researches on mind control were officially banned from the US soil. Nevertheless these experiments continued, all around the world. In recent years, many people that are now called "targeted individuals" (TI) finally started to understand that they had been targeted for years if not decades. Since around year 2000 quite a big quantity of information, mostly made of mind control stories, has come to surface and the Internet does provides now a lot of mind control archives. Unfortunately this information is often redundant, sometimes confused, and possibly mixed with disinformation. It certainly is not easy to understand this subject when submerged by thousands of pages of hard to read information. This site is a directory aimed at providing classification of URLs, related to the mind control subject, that were selected by active TI community members.

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